Thursday, December 4, 2008

Examination Blues

Trembling hands, shaking feet
As I approach my classroom's seat

A nervous and tense mind
Makes my brain grind and grind !
For a moment it appears
As if I was blind !

I get my paper
My heart starts to sway
All the answers I memorized
Tend to fly away :(

My mind goes blank
like water drained from a tank :P

When its time for answers to be written
I feel like I've been FROST-BITTEN !

Still I manage to write a wee-bit
Before I leave the classroom with a half wit !

What follows next are ........
Days of agony and pain
I start day dreaming about .......
Hot summer days as days of rain !

Finally, when the results are declared
I plead my parents
To be spared the last time :(

This is the examination phase
That appears to me