Friday, November 27, 2009

What makes you ...

What makes you love me so much ?
Do you feel so much I deserve ?
No matter what, I’m thankful for it :)
This is something, I truely shall preserve

What makes you care for me so much ?
That without you, I feel so lost
It makes me realise how wonderful you are
And I cant lose you at any cost

What makes you keep me so happy?
That life seems so beautiful when I’m with you
You love me in such a special way,
I see your eyes n I can feel its true

What makes you think about me so much?
That you always want me by your side
So do I, today n forever,
This is onething I shall always abide

What makes you want me so much?
That I feel so lucky to be the one
I know that you are the one for me,
And with you my life is perfectly done :)

An Ode to the Clock

I stare at her for hours
She stares right back at me
With her lies the power
To set my body free

She moves so slow it hurts
But moves so fast at noon
It’s with her hands she flirts
Her face attracts the room

She hangs just down the hall
It’s there she lets us know
And tells us one and all
Just when it’s time to go

That’s why I love and hate
The way she does deceive
She always makes me wait
For when it’s time to leave

Life in an cubicle

A maze of plastic walls
We click and we type
And we answer phone calls

Neon lights our suns
We fill out reports
And dream of being done

A fort we must defend
We sit and we wait
For our faxes to send

Wheeled chairs our steeds
We draft and we print
Until our eyes bleed

All this is true
Life in a cubicle
For me and for you

Come Back ...

When did this happen ?
What did I do?
I was so lively,
What did you turn me into ?

What have I done ?
Why do you make my heart bleed ?
Why don’t you understand ?
You’re all that I need

I see nothing,
Nor can I feel anything
I don’t know,
What you want to say
These mixed feelings,
Are killing me everyday

Why am I lonely ?
why do I cry ?
Why cant I move on ?
Why cant I try ?

You left me
With a void in my life
You could have as well
Pierced me with a knife

Hurt you are,
That I know
Comeback to me,
My love I’ll show..

You are incomplete
And so am I,
I love you
I don’t deny

Then why go through this,
Agony and pain
Please honey, now
Don’t drive me insane

You’re my true love,
My sunshine and my soul
Without you in my life
I can never be whole

Lets put our broken hearts
Together forever
We’ll stay happy and
Part we’ll never

So stop hurting yourself
And come back to me
We’ll show the world,
What true love can be ...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Traffic Herd !!!

The heaving crawl of mechanical beasts
With drivers headed north, south, west, and east
They move along on their painted paths
Each trying to avoid the other’s wrath

While making sure there are no cops around
They attempt to gain the slightest of ground
With movements judged by the rest of the herd
Some daring, crazy, or just plain absurd

All detours are jammed. All exits a mess
Finding the fast lane is anyone’s guess
When lights come flashing, they can’t help but curse
They hope there’s no wreck, that’d make things much worse

With fingers in air and honks of the horn
With desperate swerves and patience all worn
They’re all on their way as slow as can be
It’s home that they’re headed, from work they flee :P

Freaky Friday :)

Friday is most certainly the greatest of days
The reasons it’s great are too many to say
But with that said, I’ll try to explain
Why Friday is better than a day without rain

You see on Friday, you can work with a smile
You need only work, for a little while
For the weekend is near and then you can play
Much fun to be brought by the most generous of days

And generous it is, as morning treats can attest
The cream filled donuts are definitely the best
But don’t dare forget, the bagels are good too
If there’s none in your office, that’s too bad for you

Friday isn’t all treats and happy things
There is but one obstacle the day does bring
And that, my friend, is the slowing of time
But if you can bear it, you’ll do just fine

So join with me and laugh and cheer
The work week’s end is drawing near
Join with me and praise this day
I’ve said what I’ve said, and I’ve nothing more to say :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diwali with a Difference :)

“The Festival of Lights” is all o’er

A joyful day for minds, hearts and souls

And people throng the temples, to offer

Prayers, resolving to take better roles

Most of them are rich, clad and clean

And eat dainty food and sweets with mirth

Whilst noisy crackers burst, their lights are seen

It seems to be a Happy Day on Earth !

But are there no hearts woe-filled, very sad?

Denied of laughter and smiles for days ...

Diwali marks the Triumph of Good over Bad

So let’s lend hands in our own ways

Doing things worthwhile

Because TRUE JOY is when you make someone SMILE


--- Dedicated to people at “The Association for The Mentally Challenged”, Bangalore

Happy Birthday To My Boss (whoz never ever bossy :) )

This day belongs to you Abhay
You're a person, whole-in-one
I'm elated to wish you health
Wealth, Joy and Fun :)

You've been celebrating for years
With decades still in store
Since friendship keeps one young; I'm sure
You're coming back for more

I never met a nicer guy
With great integrity
And when you're at work --- Well
It's quite a sight to see :)

You're a man
Who brims with energy
Understands how people work
And shows great loyalty

All looks Good, All looks nice !
Thanks for the time
Thanks for the care
May you get all
All that you gave
In folds and in multiples

From a new friend in the RF GANG
I hope you celebrate
Your birthday with a BANG :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Monday must be the most horrible days
The reasons, its horrible, are horrible to say
But with that said, I'll try to explain
Why Monday must bring us oh so much pain

You see on Monday, you work with a frown
the full work week ahead has gotten you down
The weekend had come, and has passed
And like all weekends, it just didn't last

But Monday sure lasts, it lasts so long
You keep checking your watch to see what's wrong
But against your wishes, your watch is just fine
Against your wishes you cant speed up time

So you sit, wait and pretend to work
And dream of a boss that isn't a jerk :P
But then you wake up and almost cry
You wish and wish that the day would just die

But wait, just listen, don't worry my friend
For one thing is certain, all Mondays must end
Now that it's been said, I'll say it again
More Mondays will come and more Mondays will end :)

Pretending to WORK !!!

The art of pretending is tricky indeed,
It takes planning, luck, and lots of speed

Your boss comes by so you pick up the phone,
You talk to yourself in a professional tone

A quick click required to change the screen,
So music, chats and emails remain unseen

If you must nap you do it with style,
With hands on keyboard all the while

You train yourself to wake when needed
And if nobody notices, you know you’ve succeeded

But if you’re caught you’ve got excuses to spare
You were on break, or thinking, or adjusting your chair

Work is boring, that much we can agree
And pretending to work may just set you free

So pretend to work if you think that you can,
But make sure you’ve got yourself a backup plan

Always be ready to find your way out,
Because that’s what pretending is all about

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Pain - It's Sweet Dear

What has happened today ? - I'm acting strange;
Is this the effect of yesterday ?
What miracle in me is this change ?
What happened the day before today ?

I met you - Is that responsible for all this ?
I see you in every step I walk
From my eyes, never I want you to miss
With you, supposingly all alone, I talk

I close my eyes - you are in front of me
Open them - the world is just blank you see
What have you done with your magical charm ?
For my mind no more remains calm

What was the spell that you cast on me ?
For now, this today, I'm yearning to be
My ownself, my dear, my ownself
Never have I asked anyone for such stupid help !!!

I walk for a while and think of you
I stop there till it's hours a few
I read a while, I dream of you
"I'm with you", and this, not for moments a few

What have you done ? - Oh ! My Dear !
What have you done ?
I feel you are to me very near
And I think of nothing and none

I search for you on the path I go
I follow your footprints though there are a "No"
I write about you wherever it may be
This "The Prince of my Dreams" - There is he

Your divine face is imprinted on my heart
Which strikes my veins as a powerful dart
Blood starts oozing out in a happy hue
It says - "Oh Dear ! I Love You !!!"

Indelible Memories

I don't want to sleep tonight
I'm afraid the words you spoke to me would be forgotten
I try with all my might
To hold the quail and express how I felt with you, in written

Now, I know, no language can express the words of heart
No writing, the pain at times of departure
Though life goes on, as a speeding wagon or a lazy cart
The memories without you, leave my heart punctured

I wish I could say - "I wish you were with me now"
But its too late - almost midnight - a quarter past twelve
The words you spoke, the warmth of your hug, knock me with loads of love
Deep down into a dungeon of memories and leave me there grieving

The happiness that I'm lovable - special to someone
Is going bare - it has become uncared
For the pain that you are leaving me in moments none
Has caught up and stings me sharp, whose heal is a near impossible

The memories stay forever dear
They never perish or none can wipe them from my heart
You are the numero uno and though you are leaving me alone here
I'll be waiting for your comeback, with carts of love that could fill a mart

Again I say, no language can express the words of heart
No writing, the pain at times of departure
The only fact I know is that you'll leave and me, grieve

How much I wish you come back
Talk to me the way you had always done
Look at me, love me and care for me
For here, I remain, as a weeping willow tree

Someone Deep Down Your Heart

Zillion people around to make you feel happy
But you may not be happy with all of them

Because somewhere deep in your heart, you love someone so much
That with him, you strengthen yourself as an army of zillion

But, If bad fate follows you; you may not be the same one for him

This makes your castles come crashing down
And your dreams dissipate into clouds of mist-
Never seen and Never thought .........

Friday, September 25, 2009

Quintessential Hyderabadi

This article featured in Deccan Chronicle.Its absolutely hilarious and amazingly true . Have some fun :)

Ever wondered what sets a Hyderabadi apart from the rest of the country? Read on to find out.

* Your address reads 23-404-32/67A-43 (New MCH number 56-678/4A/B-22), when you actually live in the second house beside Zamzam Cafe in the lane behind Anand Theatre on SP Road.

* Your street has at least one bandi that serves Chinese delicacies such as ‘vegetable soft needles’, ‘navrotten kurma’, ‘chicken manchewurea’ or ‘American chompsee’.

* When somebody asks you for directions to go anywhere your answer is always, ‘seedha chale jao.’

* You can speak Hindi, Urdu, Hinglish, Telenglish… everything except Telugu, fluently.

* You ask the waiter to get you ‘achaar’ even if you are sitting at a lavish continental dinner.

* You order for a tea just after having had a caramel custard.

* You have at least one Srinivas, Prasad, Reddy, Raju or Rao in your neighbourhood.

* You have at least one cousin, friend, colleague or acquaintance in the US in software.

* Every time somebody gives you some good news, you ask, ‘Party kab hain?’

* You refer to any past as ‘parso’, be it yesterday or long before three hundred years.

* Even 11 am is subah subah.

* You label your boss as ‘Dimakh Kharab.’

* You are 15 minutes late and you feel you are on time.

* You look at the ‘fixed price’ board and ask ‘dene ka bolo.’

* You feel offended by someone looking at you (Kaiku ghoorraa re?)

* You always say chup be, mooh dekh aaine mein.

* You say ‘Light le baap’, however grave the situation is.

* You feel it’s your Nizami birthright to show your hand and stop the traffic while you cross the road.

* You can hang out at an Irani cafe the whole day after ordering one-cup tea and an empty saucer for your friend and you.

* You have to eat biryani atleast once a week.

* You keep saying nakko, hou, kaiku and hallu.

* You tell your friend ‘abhi aathu mein’ when both of you know you won’t be back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Girl - In and Out

Jewels and sparkles take me there
Transport me from a world of care
To that all girls can share
Destination: What to wear ???

Dress me up, I can hardly wait
All dolled up, can't be late
Just as pretty as can be
For a night of fantasy

Dazzling swirls of sparkling light
Colors dancing in the night
Sweetest dreams are coming true
When someone asks, "May I have a dance with you ?"

Too soon its over, heading home
Standing at my door, all alone

One sweet kiss to say good night
One cozy hug, all is right
Tomorrow might be plain and ordinaire
But with my memories fond & fair :)


There are no words to match my gratitude
However much like Shakespeare I might write
Above all else, you've shaped my attitude
Nurturing me with discipline and light
Knowledge was the least of what you taught
Yet, that least, at least, prepared my head :P
Out of your heart, I've learnt the things i ought
Underscoring words you never said

With due regard to my teachers, professors and mentors


Entering the class with eyes at gaze
All around is but an anonymous face

A tinge of discomfort
A quail of hesitation
Before smiling into the eyes
And lending a hand shake

Millions feelings lined up in queue
Started making friends anew

Thus began a journey

From the corridors of the block
Through the professors' clock
Bunking classes for fun
If caught, would be shot with a gun :P

Heading straight to the canteen
As the clock stroke 1:15

Pigging out on noodles and samosas
Or for a change - DOSAS ;)

College life crushes, felt like floating in air
But teasing of pals, can't at all bear !!!

Then came


Mugged all day and burnt the midnight oil
To score a 9 pt - sweat, study & toil
End sems, labs, project - What a BORE !
All this drives nuts, how about a nap & snore !!!

All of a sudden woke up to see
Gone will be the days of glee
The journey will come to an end
In a moment or two,
Didn't have any clue

But turning out good and kind
Rejoicing in the sun, shall find
Thanking these sheltered years is no vain
Where life's joys shall forever remain :)

-- Fondly cherishing college days during my B.Tech

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bidding Adieu

Saying Good Bye to parting friends
A hug, a tear - to the situation lends
An atmosphere of emotion, vulnerable and fragile
When loved ones give but a tearful smile

As I wish them well for tomorrow
My heart is full of sorrow

A rush of longing fills my being
As I see them leaving
And, then they are gone
Trying to make the things bygone
Its just Me, left
With feelings bereft

So I recall the joys we'd had
When they come again, I'll be glad

Its time I pull my strings
To get accustomed to a life
Full of diverse things

Fun and joy will come a new
What I'll be missing is "YOU"

Dedicated to all my friends

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hez the One

You are the angel in my life's tale
Who holds the love of my heart's game
With your eternal glow in time's sail
You are the first step of my ladder to fame

Your smile is the quail of my poetic touch
Though silent...........speaks so much
Mood of my every poem is you, as such
Indeed, You are the soul mate, I was in search

With patience, all sky highs
You are sweeter than the mince pies
Even when away from my eyes
Your presence around me never dies

In You
I see

A noisy stream on a beautiful dawn
Prettier than the prettiest fawn
You are the tune of my heart's celesta
It is you and only you dear.......

Your voice's binding charm
Touched me like a soothing arm
My immense love for you
Forever it lasts, not for days a few

Your heart's godly bliss
Never do I want to miss
In your love I'm caught
Please leave me not

Magic Wand that Slips

When a voice touches your depressed heart
When your dear ones are miles apart
Look around and search for what ...
It may be one that needs your thought

When you find that very "SHE"
You'll know "YES, SHE LOVES ME"
But take care - she is like sand in your hand
Hold her gently, she works like a magic wand

A thought about her arouses in you
A million feelings lined up in queue
They make you cheerful like morning dew
Though you know of her, hardly a few

Dare to say her, "I LOVE YOU"
Because she surely will say, "I DO TOO"
But take care - she is like sand in your hand
Hold her gently, she works like a magic wand

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We are a lucky generation
Enjoying the fruits of revolution
In all spheres of communication
And in a market of globalization

We are a part of the world wide web
But there is not a single spider in it
Wonder and ponder what it is
Its now every body's heart throb

As you trigger the mouse
A treasure of information
And the globe flashes over us

We surf over it
Browse into the puzzles
Of an endless journey
So full of excitement
Of news, views, chats and knowledge

We all put our best
That everybody loves "Internet"