Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Kiss in the Rain ...

Stepping out of the car and into the street
Hearing the rain hit softly, like the patter of little feet

Such a magical time, like sunset on the ocean
Caught in it's spell, moving in slow motion

He moves in close, with his hands on her waist
Taking it slow, no rush, no haste

The rain slowly falls and the full moon shines
She slides her arms around his neck ... and says "You're Mine"

The rain picks up and soaks their hair
But their eyes focused, they have no care

He whispers to her ... "I Love You My Dear"
"You'll always be smiling, You have no use for tears"

"I'll love you forever, is my vow to you"
"You're my heavenly love, and it's always true"

She smiles at him, with joy and bliss
His lips meet hers ... And in the rain ... They KISS

The rain itself, dances all around
As sweet hearts kiss, without a sound

The rain glides through the air and they hold tight
It's like the angels are crying, such a beautiful sight

As the rain falls down, they can't believe
That they need to move, to think, to breathe

They step back and look into each others' eyes
She tells ... She loves him and his heart just flies

If you believe perfection simply isn't real
Kiss your love in rain, and I swear you'll feel

Many things in the world can wash away pain
But none can compare, to kiss in the rain ...

World's Best Place .... His Arms ...

Within his arms, his strength lies
This is what I see through my eyes

Within his arms there's warmth of love
As soft as a white winged dove

Within his arms there's a sweet embrace
When I look up, I see a smile on his face

Within his arms there's security
I feel so secure, with purity

Within his arms, I feel safe and sound
Against his chest, I hear his heart pound

Within his arms, I can't go wrong
Within his arms, is where I belong ...

In thoughts ... All the time

Drinking an early coffee
As I so often do
I find my mind wandering, thinking
Longing thoughts of you

I go about my day doing
All the usual things
But you're always there
Forever creeping in

When the night arrives and ...
It's time to hit the bed
Even in my sleep
You're all the while in my head

Dreaming all night long
Sweet and loving thoughts
Daylight comes again ...
Once more ....
I can daydream as before !!!

1/2 + .... = .......... How Much Other Half Matters ...

Appear whole on the outside
But so broken within
There's a piece missing
The other half, the voice of reason

Try to clap but only one hand
Try to run but on one leg, dare not stand
Eyes open but can hardly see
'Cause the other half isn't next to me

Reach out at nights but no one to hold
Touch other side of bed and it feels so cold
Sit down to a meal but can barely eat
'Cause the purpose of sharing has faced defeat

But have faith that one day complete I'll be
'Cause the other half is out searching for me
If only for a moment I can get him next to me
I'll make sure my other half fits me perfectly ...