Friday, August 19, 2011


Why must he hurt me?

Why must he break me?

Why does he want to depart?

Why does he turn my world apart?

When he told me he couldn’t love me

It just broke me inside

His rejection just put me aside

And now I’m stuck & I can’t decide

I’m drowning in my own pain

Where all I see is tears and wish to disappear

My only fear was losing him

And now it’s as clear as it seems

I’m catching teardrops in my hands

No one can feel my hurt or pain

I’m suffering in long depression

I have no one and no protection

This depression won’t end

I got to find a way out

My eyes are red from crying

My head hurts from trying

Dear God … I feel like dying

Lost in my conscience

Lost in my pain

It’s been too long now

Can’t take the pain

No more wishes

They don’t come true

I don’t believe in me and you

Love exists no more for me

I have lost the one I love

There’s no more to try to fix

Pent up emotions & questions … I have no answers to

Cause’ there’s nothing to do without you

But this is the final goodbye

Cause’ it’s been too long

And too much I’ve sobbed