Friday, November 27, 2009

What makes you ...

What makes you love me so much ?
Do you feel so much I deserve ?
No matter what, I’m thankful for it :)
This is something, I truely shall preserve

What makes you care for me so much ?
That without you, I feel so lost
It makes me realise how wonderful you are
And I cant lose you at any cost

What makes you keep me so happy?
That life seems so beautiful when I’m with you
You love me in such a special way,
I see your eyes n I can feel its true

What makes you think about me so much?
That you always want me by your side
So do I, today n forever,
This is onething I shall always abide

What makes you want me so much?
That I feel so lucky to be the one
I know that you are the one for me,
And with you my life is perfectly done :)

An Ode to the Clock

I stare at her for hours
She stares right back at me
With her lies the power
To set my body free

She moves so slow it hurts
But moves so fast at noon
It’s with her hands she flirts
Her face attracts the room

She hangs just down the hall
It’s there she lets us know
And tells us one and all
Just when it’s time to go

That’s why I love and hate
The way she does deceive
She always makes me wait
For when it’s time to leave

Life in an cubicle

A maze of plastic walls
We click and we type
And we answer phone calls

Neon lights our suns
We fill out reports
And dream of being done

A fort we must defend
We sit and we wait
For our faxes to send

Wheeled chairs our steeds
We draft and we print
Until our eyes bleed

All this is true
Life in a cubicle
For me and for you

Come Back ...

When did this happen ?
What did I do?
I was so lively,
What did you turn me into ?

What have I done ?
Why do you make my heart bleed ?
Why don’t you understand ?
You’re all that I need

I see nothing,
Nor can I feel anything
I don’t know,
What you want to say
These mixed feelings,
Are killing me everyday

Why am I lonely ?
why do I cry ?
Why cant I move on ?
Why cant I try ?

You left me
With a void in my life
You could have as well
Pierced me with a knife

Hurt you are,
That I know
Comeback to me,
My love I’ll show..

You are incomplete
And so am I,
I love you
I don’t deny

Then why go through this,
Agony and pain
Please honey, now
Don’t drive me insane

You’re my true love,
My sunshine and my soul
Without you in my life
I can never be whole

Lets put our broken hearts
Together forever
We’ll stay happy and
Part we’ll never

So stop hurting yourself
And come back to me
We’ll show the world,
What true love can be ...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Traffic Herd !!!

The heaving crawl of mechanical beasts
With drivers headed north, south, west, and east
They move along on their painted paths
Each trying to avoid the other’s wrath

While making sure there are no cops around
They attempt to gain the slightest of ground
With movements judged by the rest of the herd
Some daring, crazy, or just plain absurd

All detours are jammed. All exits a mess
Finding the fast lane is anyone’s guess
When lights come flashing, they can’t help but curse
They hope there’s no wreck, that’d make things much worse

With fingers in air and honks of the horn
With desperate swerves and patience all worn
They’re all on their way as slow as can be
It’s home that they’re headed, from work they flee :P

Freaky Friday :)

Friday is most certainly the greatest of days
The reasons it’s great are too many to say
But with that said, I’ll try to explain
Why Friday is better than a day without rain

You see on Friday, you can work with a smile
You need only work, for a little while
For the weekend is near and then you can play
Much fun to be brought by the most generous of days

And generous it is, as morning treats can attest
The cream filled donuts are definitely the best
But don’t dare forget, the bagels are good too
If there’s none in your office, that’s too bad for you

Friday isn’t all treats and happy things
There is but one obstacle the day does bring
And that, my friend, is the slowing of time
But if you can bear it, you’ll do just fine

So join with me and laugh and cheer
The work week’s end is drawing near
Join with me and praise this day
I’ve said what I’ve said, and I’ve nothing more to say :)