Friday, September 25, 2009

Quintessential Hyderabadi

This article featured in Deccan Chronicle.Its absolutely hilarious and amazingly true . Have some fun :)

Ever wondered what sets a Hyderabadi apart from the rest of the country? Read on to find out.

* Your address reads 23-404-32/67A-43 (New MCH number 56-678/4A/B-22), when you actually live in the second house beside Zamzam Cafe in the lane behind Anand Theatre on SP Road.

* Your street has at least one bandi that serves Chinese delicacies such as ‘vegetable soft needles’, ‘navrotten kurma’, ‘chicken manchewurea’ or ‘American chompsee’.

* When somebody asks you for directions to go anywhere your answer is always, ‘seedha chale jao.’

* You can speak Hindi, Urdu, Hinglish, Telenglish… everything except Telugu, fluently.

* You ask the waiter to get you ‘achaar’ even if you are sitting at a lavish continental dinner.

* You order for a tea just after having had a caramel custard.

* You have at least one Srinivas, Prasad, Reddy, Raju or Rao in your neighbourhood.

* You have at least one cousin, friend, colleague or acquaintance in the US in software.

* Every time somebody gives you some good news, you ask, ‘Party kab hain?’

* You refer to any past as ‘parso’, be it yesterday or long before three hundred years.

* Even 11 am is subah subah.

* You label your boss as ‘Dimakh Kharab.’

* You are 15 minutes late and you feel you are on time.

* You look at the ‘fixed price’ board and ask ‘dene ka bolo.’

* You feel offended by someone looking at you (Kaiku ghoorraa re?)

* You always say chup be, mooh dekh aaine mein.

* You say ‘Light le baap’, however grave the situation is.

* You feel it’s your Nizami birthright to show your hand and stop the traffic while you cross the road.

* You can hang out at an Irani cafe the whole day after ordering one-cup tea and an empty saucer for your friend and you.

* You have to eat biryani atleast once a week.

* You keep saying nakko, hou, kaiku and hallu.

* You tell your friend ‘abhi aathu mein’ when both of you know you won’t be back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Girl - In and Out

Jewels and sparkles take me there
Transport me from a world of care
To that all girls can share
Destination: What to wear ???

Dress me up, I can hardly wait
All dolled up, can't be late
Just as pretty as can be
For a night of fantasy

Dazzling swirls of sparkling light
Colors dancing in the night
Sweetest dreams are coming true
When someone asks, "May I have a dance with you ?"

Too soon its over, heading home
Standing at my door, all alone

One sweet kiss to say good night
One cozy hug, all is right
Tomorrow might be plain and ordinaire
But with my memories fond & fair :)


There are no words to match my gratitude
However much like Shakespeare I might write
Above all else, you've shaped my attitude
Nurturing me with discipline and light
Knowledge was the least of what you taught
Yet, that least, at least, prepared my head :P
Out of your heart, I've learnt the things i ought
Underscoring words you never said

With due regard to my teachers, professors and mentors


Entering the class with eyes at gaze
All around is but an anonymous face

A tinge of discomfort
A quail of hesitation
Before smiling into the eyes
And lending a hand shake

Millions feelings lined up in queue
Started making friends anew

Thus began a journey

From the corridors of the block
Through the professors' clock
Bunking classes for fun
If caught, would be shot with a gun :P

Heading straight to the canteen
As the clock stroke 1:15

Pigging out on noodles and samosas
Or for a change - DOSAS ;)

College life crushes, felt like floating in air
But teasing of pals, can't at all bear !!!

Then came


Mugged all day and burnt the midnight oil
To score a 9 pt - sweat, study & toil
End sems, labs, project - What a BORE !
All this drives nuts, how about a nap & snore !!!

All of a sudden woke up to see
Gone will be the days of glee
The journey will come to an end
In a moment or two,
Didn't have any clue

But turning out good and kind
Rejoicing in the sun, shall find
Thanking these sheltered years is no vain
Where life's joys shall forever remain :)

-- Fondly cherishing college days during my B.Tech