Friday, November 26, 2010

Still Single ?? Till when ??

Orange and Pink shoot across the sky
I can see it from where I lie
The sun is setting, going to sleep
The dark surrounds, like the ocean deep

The stars come, twinkling lights
Glittering diamonds, What a sight !
I lie in the grass and up I stare
My body goes numb as I forget all my cares

I like to gaze up at the stars,
So I can forget my cares and all my scars

I have no one to look after me
The real me is someone no one can see
So I'll wait till I find that sort of love
And until then it's just me and the stars above :)

A Wish in Chilly Winters ...

Its getting cold and I'm getting lonely
Wishing someone would sit down and hold me
Next to his chest in his arms
Our body heats the only thing keeping up warm

In his car on a Friday night
Nothing but trees by the moonlight

Well, maybe I’ll stay here forever
In my dreams forever
Wishing we could be here together

Just me and you
Just me and you

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wedding of Dreams

It will be a day to be remembered !

A day of feasting, of joy

And Celebration

And all because

Of two lovers

Wishing to spend their lives together

The fairie King and Queen

Shall deck out in their diamonds

And crowns of gold

Shall stand by the altar

While their entourage watched

The grandest display ever seen

And then will come the bride and the groom

Their love making flowers bloom

They'd promise to love and be loyal to each other

Come what may, today, tomorrow and forever

But before they begin the next chapter

Of their lives

They will be told

That if forever

They kept their marriage promises

They'd live happily ever after

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hoping against the hope ... Post the Ayodhya Verdict

In the innocent eyes of a child
Enthusiasm that’s romantic and wild

In the honest writer’s pen
Virtues that never ever bend

In the hearts of brave soldiers
Our nation’s security who shoulder

In love, faith and courage
Envelops our lovely lineage

In leading mankind towards the path of peace
Let’s light a candle to live and let live all in ease

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What an Engineer, Engineers ...

Engineer woh hai
jo aksar phasta hai
Interviews ke sawaal mein
Badi companiyon ke jaal mein
Boss aur client ke bawaal mein

Engineer woh hai
jo pak gaya hai
Meetings ki jhelai mein
Submissions ki gehraai mein
Teamwork ki chataai mein

Engineer woh hai
jo laga rehta hai
Schedule ko failane mein
Targets ko khiskaane mein
Roz naye-naye bahaane banane mein

Engineer woh hai
jo lunch time mein Breakfast karta hai
Dinner time mein Lunch karta hain aur
Commutation ke waqt soya karta hai

Engineer woh hai
jo paagal hai
Chai aur samose ke pyaar mein
Cigarette ke khumaar mein
Birdwatching ke vichaar mein

Engineer woh hai
jo khoya hai
Reminders ke jawaab mein
Na milne waale hisaab mein
Behtar Bhavishya ke khwaab mein

Engineer woh hai
jise intezaar hai
Weekend nights par dhoom machaane ka
Boss ke chutti par jaane ka
Increment ki khabar aane ka

Engineer woh hai
jo sochta hai
Kaash padhaai par dhyaan diya hota
Kaash teacher se panga na liya hota
Kaash ishq na kiya hota....


Happy Engineers' Day :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parting time ... Hasta - La - Vista :)

So ... you're leaving
We're sad to see you go
Whenever you feel officesick
We're always here you know
Don't forget to keep in touch
By post, letter or phone

Your loss will be greatly felt
But we won't over-exaggerate
And say our hearts will melt :P

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simple mean "We'll miss you"
"Until we meet again"

Still ... It's really hard to say goodbye
To such a friend and pal
With tears in eyes and lump in throat
Adios ! Au revoir ! Farewell !

--- Dedicated to Pompi

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pangs of distance ...

Even if it takes forever to see
What happiness really means to me
I understand love will always be
in perfect harmony
between you and me

One day you will come to know
that no matter how far we may go
the joys and sorrows that we share
are just like the touch of your hair
which is full of tender care

Yet I can only say
this love for you will never decay
I love you every single day
and in every single way
And it pains me to see you fading away

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Kiss in the Rain ...

Stepping out of the car and into the street
Hearing the rain hit softly, like the patter of little feet

Such a magical time, like sunset on the ocean
Caught in it's spell, moving in slow motion

He moves in close, with his hands on her waist
Taking it slow, no rush, no haste

The rain slowly falls and the full moon shines
She slides her arms around his neck ... and says "You're Mine"

The rain picks up and soaks their hair
But their eyes focused, they have no care

He whispers to her ... "I Love You My Dear"
"You'll always be smiling, You have no use for tears"

"I'll love you forever, is my vow to you"
"You're my heavenly love, and it's always true"

She smiles at him, with joy and bliss
His lips meet hers ... And in the rain ... They KISS

The rain itself, dances all around
As sweet hearts kiss, without a sound

The rain glides through the air and they hold tight
It's like the angels are crying, such a beautiful sight

As the rain falls down, they can't believe
That they need to move, to think, to breathe

They step back and look into each others' eyes
She tells ... She loves him and his heart just flies

If you believe perfection simply isn't real
Kiss your love in rain, and I swear you'll feel

Many things in the world can wash away pain
But none can compare, to kiss in the rain ...

World's Best Place .... His Arms ...

Within his arms, his strength lies
This is what I see through my eyes

Within his arms there's warmth of love
As soft as a white winged dove

Within his arms there's a sweet embrace
When I look up, I see a smile on his face

Within his arms there's security
I feel so secure, with purity

Within his arms, I feel safe and sound
Against his chest, I hear his heart pound

Within his arms, I can't go wrong
Within his arms, is where I belong ...

In thoughts ... All the time

Drinking an early coffee
As I so often do
I find my mind wandering, thinking
Longing thoughts of you

I go about my day doing
All the usual things
But you're always there
Forever creeping in

When the night arrives and ...
It's time to hit the bed
Even in my sleep
You're all the while in my head

Dreaming all night long
Sweet and loving thoughts
Daylight comes again ...
Once more ....
I can daydream as before !!!

1/2 + .... = .......... How Much Other Half Matters ...

Appear whole on the outside
But so broken within
There's a piece missing
The other half, the voice of reason

Try to clap but only one hand
Try to run but on one leg, dare not stand
Eyes open but can hardly see
'Cause the other half isn't next to me

Reach out at nights but no one to hold
Touch other side of bed and it feels so cold
Sit down to a meal but can barely eat
'Cause the purpose of sharing has faced defeat

But have faith that one day complete I'll be
'Cause the other half is out searching for me
If only for a moment I can get him next to me
I'll make sure my other half fits me perfectly ...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Futile --> Frustrate --> Sublime ...

A silent ebony night
still no fear, no fright
Of course I'm not alone
There's someone known

They are the tiny drops from the sky
So pure: none can deny
They quitely listen to all that I say
then, touch the earth or vanish in a bay

I love to walk in the rain
cause no one can feel my pain
No one can see me cry
cause tears blend with them and finally die

I have zillions of such companions
but still alone in the battalion
Fighting against fear and lonliness,
And fatigue of the ruthless passiveness

Will any one even come to ask ?
To remove this fake cheerful mask
Or these descended fays are the only one
to support me in this lonely run

Still my life leaves a question
will anyone come to heal this repurcussion ?
or I'll become like the drops from the sky
and mix with the earth and finally die

Lonely, Lonely, Lonely forever . . .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missing Blues ...

Spoken words alone cannot express
The love I have for you
The written art of love is what convinces
Me, that you are the one for me

As I gaze into your eyes
With every moment of your listless ways
The grasping of your hand
The warmth of your heart
You make me feel like no other

Once I believed ... Love was only a fable
Configured in mind, planted by others
Then there came you
Like a flower in bloom ... WOW ... What a dream come true !!!

There are times ... you make me happy
There are also times ... you turn me blue
But what is even worse is ... When ...
I don't get to see you ...

AweSome + TwoSome --> WholeSome ...

A Special World for you and me
A Special Bond one cannot see
It wraps us, up in its cocoon
And holds us warmly in its womb :)

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last :)

And though at time a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a Special World, where we belong :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Being of Being is Being

The being of being is Being
The being of nothing is none
And if you find this so much nonsense
At least it will do you no harm

Now nothing is nothing, for certain
And something is something, for sure
Since something cannot come from nothing
It must be eternally there

And though it is hard to imagine
Since time is our air and our sea
No thing will ever be nothing
Though we will not always be we ...

Bosses Are but Rarely Kind as You

Bosses are but rarely kind as you
On them the burden lies for what we do
Separating them from those below
Still, there are a few like you who know
Each person has a love for those who lead
Sustained by just observance of the need

-- Dedicated to my boss, Abhay Samant

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why "TWO"

Ever wondered why God gives everything in two?
A right to show the left what to do

One ear to listen and one to hear
the problems of others
their laughter and fears

One eye to watch and one to behold
the beautiful treasures
that life has to hold

One foot to travel and one to stand tall
Two feet to land on if we should fall

One man to stand by a woman's side
One woman to cherish being his bride :)

The love between partners
comes shining through
and this is the reason
God has made two :)

Life's Lessons ...

Dedicated to Mama and Papa :)

You may have thought I didn't see
Or that I hadn't heard
Life's lessons that you taught to me
But I got every word

Perhaps you thought I missed it all
And that we'd grow apart
But Mama and Papa, I picked up everything
It's written on my heart

Without you, I wouldn't be
The person I am today
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away

I've grown up with your values
And I'm very glad I did :)
So here's to you, Mama and Papa
From your forever grateful kid :)

Paa :)

For your birthday Papa (Dec 18) ... Better late than never :)

I love you because you're my father
But you're really so much more
You're a guide and a companion
You and I have great rapport

You pay attention to me
You listen to what I say
You pass on words of wisdom
Helping me along the way

Whenever I'm in trouble
You always have a plan
You are the perfect father
And I'm your biggest fan !

I’m so glad that you’re my dad
You’re one in a million, Pop!
When it comes to first-class fathers
You’re the absolute cream of the crop

You love me no matter what
Whether I’m a goodie or baddie
I really love you, Paa
You’re a fine and fantabulous daddy!