Friday, February 5, 2010

Why "TWO"

Ever wondered why God gives everything in two?
A right to show the left what to do

One ear to listen and one to hear
the problems of others
their laughter and fears

One eye to watch and one to behold
the beautiful treasures
that life has to hold

One foot to travel and one to stand tall
Two feet to land on if we should fall

One man to stand by a woman's side
One woman to cherish being his bride :)

The love between partners
comes shining through
and this is the reason
God has made two :)

Life's Lessons ...

Dedicated to Mama and Papa :)

You may have thought I didn't see
Or that I hadn't heard
Life's lessons that you taught to me
But I got every word

Perhaps you thought I missed it all
And that we'd grow apart
But Mama and Papa, I picked up everything
It's written on my heart

Without you, I wouldn't be
The person I am today
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away

I've grown up with your values
And I'm very glad I did :)
So here's to you, Mama and Papa
From your forever grateful kid :)

Paa :)

For your birthday Papa (Dec 18) ... Better late than never :)

I love you because you're my father
But you're really so much more
You're a guide and a companion
You and I have great rapport

You pay attention to me
You listen to what I say
You pass on words of wisdom
Helping me along the way

Whenever I'm in trouble
You always have a plan
You are the perfect father
And I'm your biggest fan !

I’m so glad that you’re my dad
You’re one in a million, Pop!
When it comes to first-class fathers
You’re the absolute cream of the crop

You love me no matter what
Whether I’m a goodie or baddie
I really love you, Paa
You’re a fine and fantabulous daddy!