Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Love .. Happy Birthday

I love you
From our adventures and trips
To those dances with hips

I love you
From teasing to laughter
To those sweet mischiefs right after

I love you
From movies in soft cotton
To those memories forgotten

I love you
From walks in the park
To those talks in the dark

I love you
From morning to night
To those scents of delight

I love you
From the depths of my heart
To those birthdays that start

I can say over and over again
Without prompting, without cue
You mean the world to me, my love
A very Happy Birthday to you :)

Friend in need is a friend indeed .. Oh really ??

As the sunlight slowly faded away
The city lights flickered on, one by one
Illuminating everything on the outside
And casting a shadow on the inside

As time slowly ticked past
The darkness inched closer and closer
Spreading its shadows across the land
My inner self comes alive

As much as I struggle and curl underneath the blanket
My fears come alive, and slowly engulf me from the inside
And tear up the mask that I so successfully put on during the day

Surrounded by many
Yet isolated and alone
I try to reach out to people
But succeed in grasping just empty air

Struggling to keep my sanity
I plunge myself into darkness
For its the only place to hide
To cope with all this
I give up and cry myself to sleep

It’s tiresome to want something you don’t have, and each morning
I wake with loneliness by my side, each day I walk with it’s presence
In my footsteps, each night it lies hand in hand with my insomnia

Perhaps I have become invisible !
Or have I become just an figment of imagination ?
They cried on my shoulders and I soaked up their tears
Asking for nothing in return, but when I needed someone
Where did they all go ?

Something creepy ...

Hate, anger, frustration
How does one survive ?
Confusion, distraught, depression
Why even be alive ?

Screaming, running, sobbing
Everyone is swarming
Yelling, crying, dying
Does someone really care ?

I sit alone now, all by
Myself with no one else
They've all left again for good
And I am once again alone

I only have friends when
They need a place to hide
Does that make them love me ?
"My basement's always open. . ."

I sit alone again and cry
For the friends I wish I had
But will never see
All I get are words, in threes

They speak to me softly
Worry in their faces
Do they care ? Or is
Their worry worthless ?

It hurts at the end
As we all know, but
After that we don't
Know how to go

But do we know
Where people go
After their loneliness
Has got to them

Why stay here where it's sad
When you can die happy
No longer alone
No longer afraid

A Birthday Gift from "HER" to "HIM"

It's a wonderful feeling
To have a boyfriend like you
So sensitive to the female ear
Yet so in tuned to the masculine one

I love you so much
I can't even explain
I can feel the touch
Of you in a picture frame

Because you mean so much to me
I celebrate your birth
Sharing time and space with you
Rings my bell for all it’s worth

Whenever your birthday rolls around
I contemplate once more
How happy I am that you were born
The thought makes my heart soar
I wish your birthdays happened more

It's all I could afford
I'm not maid of money
This is your reward
Because you are my honey

Dreams Unlimited !

My thoughts of you come frequently
They’re always filled with you and me

No matter what I see or when
It brings you back to mind again

I’d be sitting, reading a book
Or be out walking by a brook

No matter which path I took
I’d see dream images of how you look

Each day is filled with dreams of you
I hope that all these dreams come true