Thursday, December 4, 2008

Examination Blues

Trembling hands, shaking feet
As I approach my classroom's seat

A nervous and tense mind
Makes my brain grind and grind !
For a moment it appears
As if I was blind !

I get my paper
My heart starts to sway
All the answers I memorized
Tend to fly away :(

My mind goes blank
like water drained from a tank :P

When its time for answers to be written
I feel like I've been FROST-BITTEN !

Still I manage to write a wee-bit
Before I leave the classroom with a half wit !

What follows next are ........
Days of agony and pain
I start day dreaming about .......
Hot summer days as days of rain !

Finally, when the results are declared
I plead my parents
To be spared the last time :(

This is the examination phase
That appears to me

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Promise for a Lifetime

Woods are lovely
Deep and dark

But I have promises to keep
And Miles to go before I sleep ..........

- Robert Frost

I felt

With all my heart
I promise you my sweetheart

Time and space may keep us apart
But you are always in my heart

This flesh and bloody body may depart
The moon may bloom, the sun may set

The sea may roar with tides and ebbs
The ghostly darkness may cloud us all around

Today, tomorrow and forever
I shall be with you on this ground

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Magic of Words

should -

"Warm a heart
Hold a hand
Lend a ear
Pat a back
Light up a face
Tickle a funny bone
Dry an eye
Surprise a child
Woo a sweet heart
Toast a bride
Welcome a stranger
Wave a good bye
Shout a bravo
Blow a kiss
Mend a quarrel
Ease a pain
Boost a morale
Stop a worry
Start a tradition"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Love makes you look forward to meet
The person you adore the most
It cannot be bought anywhere
Neither can one fix its cost

Without love
This world would look barren and empty
With love
Heart feels
So content and happy

Love is the most precious
Gift of god they say
Without the company of love
You can't find your destination
Or even its way

Love makes you think
That there is someone waiting for you
Love makes you feel
Someone, somewhere is made for you

All you have to do is
to find your eternal love
Keep your hand on your heart
And you'll feel he is calling you
And promising that he will never depart

Is Money Worth Everything ?

Do jewels really mean something ?
People run after gold, platinum and diamond ring

They run exclusively after money
In a bid to taste life's delicious honey

But alas ! Is this all ?
Between humans this creates a wall

Barriers of selfishness and hatred
Of which once all were afraid

They thought of all as one
They thought of love, not shots of gun

Now money has become our soul
No one can stay as a whole

In every house disputes occur
In every heart fire flickers

Can people not change ?
Can kind thoughts never be exchanged ?

Miss You Bhaiya

Whenever I think of you,
The thing I do,
Is that I weep
And remember you.

You were very affectionate
And were just my best mate
But perhaps I realized it very late
And until then then you didn't wait.

You set on a journey
To a spectacular city
Where the mighty GOD resides
Where people are very witty.

But did you ever realize
That you were the star of my eyes ?
Impossible it is to survive without you
Oh My Dear, I'll always MISS YOU !

Teenager's Tale

The younger generation
Is a thrilling sensation.

Into the teens
I got addicted to jeans

Movies, parties, discos - THE LIKE
Singing in the bathroom - who needs a MIKE ???
Kicking the dust off my bike
Strolling along singing a song
ipod on blast all day long !

Pigging out on every pizza, burger and chip
Wearing only stuff that is in fashion - HIP !

Teenage crushes - I feel like floating in air
But teasing of pals, I cannot at all bear :(

Breaking down into rashes, pimples and acne
If I don't study, mom's gonna smack me !
I mug all day and burn the midnight oil
To score a 9 pt, I sweat, study and toil !
Midsems, labs, endsems - WHAT A BORE !
All this drives me nuts - how about a NAP and SNORE !

The semester breaks and exams are no more
I shout in glee and rush to the fashion store.

Nevertheless, I loved my teenage - "FREE AGE LIFE" !
I accepted it with all its troubles and strife.

First Time Blogger

To a girl,
Blogging seemed cool.
All her friends blogged,
till they got clogged.
Wonder and ponder,
What it is ???
But it very well is,
Everybody's heartthrob !!!

One fine evening,
She asserted to blog !
Not knowing what to blog,
Boggled her mind,
Tickled a rib,
Scoured through magazines...
And all this,
Just to ascertain
A simple answer,
To a simple question...

"What do I blog on ?"

Seeing all her efforts go in vain,
She thought to give up...

Just then........

Someone pinched her arm, saying

"New Dress !!! New Pinch"

Now something apposite clicked
And she knew what she wanted to blog on.....

For the first time,
She blogs.........

A snap is a bubble of joy
A slap is a momentous sorrow

Joy fades away with a flash of light,
Sorrow flies off like a sparrow

A pinch is sometimes disheartening
A blow is sometimes painful

But a new pinch on the eve of a new dress
Is never at all disdainful :) :) :)