Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bidding Adieu

Saying Good Bye to parting friends
A hug, a tear - to the situation lends
An atmosphere of emotion, vulnerable and fragile
When loved ones give but a tearful smile

As I wish them well for tomorrow
My heart is full of sorrow

A rush of longing fills my being
As I see them leaving
And, then they are gone
Trying to make the things bygone
Its just Me, left
With feelings bereft

So I recall the joys we'd had
When they come again, I'll be glad

Its time I pull my strings
To get accustomed to a life
Full of diverse things

Fun and joy will come a new
What I'll be missing is "YOU"

Dedicated to all my friends

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hez the One

You are the angel in my life's tale
Who holds the love of my heart's game
With your eternal glow in time's sail
You are the first step of my ladder to fame

Your smile is the quail of my poetic touch
Though silent...........speaks so much
Mood of my every poem is you, as such
Indeed, You are the soul mate, I was in search

With patience, all sky highs
You are sweeter than the mince pies
Even when away from my eyes
Your presence around me never dies

In You
I see

A noisy stream on a beautiful dawn
Prettier than the prettiest fawn
You are the tune of my heart's celesta
It is you and only you dear.......

Your voice's binding charm
Touched me like a soothing arm
My immense love for you
Forever it lasts, not for days a few

Your heart's godly bliss
Never do I want to miss
In your love I'm caught
Please leave me not

Magic Wand that Slips

When a voice touches your depressed heart
When your dear ones are miles apart
Look around and search for what ...
It may be one that needs your thought

When you find that very "SHE"
You'll know "YES, SHE LOVES ME"
But take care - she is like sand in your hand
Hold her gently, she works like a magic wand

A thought about her arouses in you
A million feelings lined up in queue
They make you cheerful like morning dew
Though you know of her, hardly a few

Dare to say her, "I LOVE YOU"
Because she surely will say, "I DO TOO"
But take care - she is like sand in your hand
Hold her gently, she works like a magic wand

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We are a lucky generation
Enjoying the fruits of revolution
In all spheres of communication
And in a market of globalization

We are a part of the world wide web
But there is not a single spider in it
Wonder and ponder what it is
Its now every body's heart throb

As you trigger the mouse
A treasure of information
And the globe flashes over us

We surf over it
Browse into the puzzles
Of an endless journey
So full of excitement
Of news, views, chats and knowledge

We all put our best
That everybody loves "Internet"