Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No more a Fairy Tale

A princess in a castle
A prince in make believe
But if it's not a fairy tale
Then only yourself deceive

A wart upon your nose
May be closer to the truth
And if you think I'm negative
Then you're still in your youth

I believe in poison apples
For I've been given one or two
But never did my prince come forth
To keep me from turning blue

That magic mirror, I'd like to choke
For it is cruel what it says to me
You were the fairest long ago
But not today as you can see

I pricked my finger upon a needle
And saw it hurt and bleed
But there was no prince to rescue me
Not even Johnny Apple seed

I've spun the hay and guessed the rhyme
But never did see gold
I know that life's no fairy tale
Like in those books are told

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