Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tug of War - Practical vs Emotional

Having to stay away from home, How do you think I feel?
Some say it's really hectic, some say it's no big deal
Saying is one thing and living is another
When every small thing about home comes to bother

Miss mom and miss dad
Miss them when things are good or when they go really bad
Miss them when I'm happy or when I'm drowned in tears
Miss them through my phase of overcoming fears

Miss my brother who kned what to do
Anything big or small, to get me through
Never gave a second thought on how things were to be done
All he cared about was how I could have more fun

A very small family, all staying apart
Parents would just want us to come out smart
But success tastes nothing when they aren't around
Only empty happiness all around is found

I want to get back, get back to them and say
I love you Mom and in your arms I want to stay
What will I do with the success without having the family to cherish it
I miss having you around and yes I really miss it

People call it being practical but I call it unfair
Enough of lying in bed with the same white ceiling to stare

I want my dad's lap and my brother's teasing to bother me
I want to get back to being a bird filled with life and is free

A family is what matters the most to me
And that is exactly how I want it to be

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