Sunday, October 20, 2013

When "October" is in air ...

Crispy air and azure skies
High above, a white cloud lies
Bright as newly fallen snow
Oh the joy to those who know October !

Colors bright on bush and tree
Over the weedy swamp, we see
A veil of purple, brown and gold
Thy words have never been told .. October !

Scolding sparrows on the lawn
Rabbits frisking home at dawn
Pheasants midst the sheaves of grain
All in harmony acclaim, October !

Brown earth freshly turned by plow
Apples shine on bended bough
Bins o'erflowed with oats and wheat
And satisfaction reigns complete .. October !

Radiant joy is everywhere
Spirits in tune to the spicy air
Thrill in the glory of each day
Life's worth living when we say .. October !

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